Through high school, my daughter seemed to have no interest in reading, and the resources provided by the middle and high schools did nothing to nurture a love for reading. Now I know her malaise was from not having the tools to decode and understand the printed word in front of her. Imagine my surprise when, after two weeks with Hana, my daughter returned home effervescent and described reading as "magical"; Hana helped her in two areas; word pronunciation and decoding, and comprehension. My daughter's vocabulary has at least doubled, and Hana gave her tools that showed her how words represent a constantly evolving picture that she could build in her mind. My daughter has now finished reading her seventh book in 4 months, unheard of before Hana's help. Hana's extensive training and patient and persistent demeanor allowed her to focus on what my daughter needed and she and I both could not be more pleased with the results. 
— A thankful dad

I worked with Hana for several weeks on a writing assignment that was very important to me. She understood how serious this assignment was to me and spent a lot of one-on-one time with me to ensure that my writing capabilities shined. Each time we met she guided my thoughts in the direction of creating a writing sample that would allow me to succeed for several years to come. Hana was patient, thorough and detailed during our meetings. Not only did she make me feel comfortable with my writing, but she also taught me new ways to polish my skills. With the help of Hana, my writing assignment was so well written that it was part of the reason I went off to a top tier university to obtain my undergraduate degree. The one-on-one time Hana spent with me also prepared me to write papers during undergrad that were 10, 15 and 20 pages long without much hesitation.  Nadia Bhimla

I was struggling to write several personal essays and responses while applying to MBA programs last year. After getting through about two essays on my own, I started working with Hana on the remainder of the essays. I immediately saw the difference. She was able to help me figure out the correct words that I wanted to use rather than walking around what I was trying to say. She helped me use what I had but was able to improve it by asking me the right questions and helping me narrow down my ideas. I felt much better about my essays once Hana had a chance to work with me and guide me through the editing process. I'm proud to say that I ended up getting into one of the highest rated MBA programs in the country. — MBA student and Business Manager