Both of my children, ages 9 and 7, have been working with Hana for over 6 months. Hana is highly professional, on-time and is extremely knowledgeable about her field for all levels and ages of children. Hana came into our lives at a time when both children needed an extra boost of help to prepare them to change schools. The children are now reading and fully engaged in school. I highly recommend Hana - she is an amazing teacher and both children have so much fun learning with her! — Mother of two

My daughter is bright in many, many ways – however she struggled with spelling, reading and writing. It was not an issue that stands out completely, she's one that would probably just fall under the radar and struggle throughout her life barely surviving as all these subjects got harder and harder. I noticed her struggling to keep up when she was in kindergarten. I saw her frustration when she tried to spell, read or write. I saw her try her best, but still fall short. Not so short that it would raise a red flag, but she fell short enough that she knew she was struggling to understand the concepts. After much searching & different types of tutoring programs… we finally turned to Hana of Mind's Eye Consulting. Amelia is now spelling at her age level and beyond, she’s reading at her level and higher, and she's now writing 3 point paragraphs! She's about to enter the 3rd grade, and I am so excited for her because I see that she has the confidence in her ability to be successful in the classroom! Hana lite the joy of learning & education in her. Amelia feels like she can do anything when it comes to school, and that is 100% due to the effort Hana has put into inspiring Amelia! As a parent, seeing my daughter joyfully reach for her computer every time it’s time for class with Hana is such an amazing feeling! We all have teachers and mentors that we remember from our childhood that left a lasting impression on us – Hana will definitely be this person for Amelia. — Rabia Alizai

Growing up I hated school and really didn't enjoy learning. Reading has always been very hard for me and I use to just give up on things; like reading a book for fun or writing a paper. Since I have started to work with Hana I feel like my life has changed. I honestly enjoy reading now, there is a world of books out there and I am so glad that I am able to read and understand them. Also, there are so many words that I never knew and by doing definitions with Hana and studying different words my vocabulary has improved tremendously. Writing papers can be very difficult sometimes, but with some tricks that Hana has taught me and the way she boost your confidence, you really feel as though with each paper you are becoming a better writer. For being a college student, school can be very hard, but I believe that this is the first time in my life that I have truly LOVED school and learning. Hana made learning things easier. It is truly a gift what Hana can do, which is make people want to better themselves and build their own confidence. At times I still get scared to read out loud or write a paper and have no one proof read it, but I see such a difference in myself. and I think the biggest difference is I use to not believe in myself at all and Hana has given me the ability to believe in myself!!!! — College student