Mind's Eye provides in-home children and adults one-on-one and in small group settings. Each specific plan is designed to meet an individual or group's specific needs.

Skype and phone sessions are also available upon request.

Consulting (Schools, Home Schooling groups, Families):
Behavior management
Curriculum and Lesson Plan development
Individual Learning Plans

• Reading Fluency
• Spelling
• Comprehension
• Basic Math
• Expressive Language
• Vocabulary Development
• Writing 
• Critical Thinking
• Creative Writing 
• Art

Personal Development:
Goal-Setting (career, family, and personal)
Creating an Individual Plan of Action
Personal Transformation
Group sessions and weekend retreats (inquire)

Please e-mail or phone to inquire about specific rates.

How it Works: 
Most students will require an assessment to determine their specific needs and to provide a baseline from which to measure future progress. After this, they will be matched up with a suitable instructor based on their learning style and personality, as well as goals. An individualized plan will be developed and a schedule will be agreed upon to begin instruction.